Please Welcome the Old Salt

Welcome new RVblogz member oldsalt7421 and leave a comment on his new RV travel blog.

New RVblogger oldsalt7421 has started writing about a journey that has something to do with missle hazards in a fifth wheel! Drop by the newest RV Travel Blog and leave a comment to find out more.

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Please Welcome the Head Artist

Please welcome new RVblogger headartist

Please help us give a warm RVblogz welcome to headartist – the newest RVblogger to join this growing diverse community of nomads, full-timers and travelers of all sorts.

Elizabeth is a talented artist who has embarked on a new life’s journey and we look forward to following her adventures. Check out her first blog post to learn about coracles and coyotes, and what on earth they have to do with RVing. While you’re there, be sure to follow the link in her blogroll to see her beautiful artwork, like this diptych depicting el Santuario de Chimayo…

Santuario de Chimayo by Elizabeth Falconer available from

On the “small world” front, check out this post from the LiveWorkDream team detailing their recent return to visit with the Chimayo Chile Man.

Please welcome nitavar to RVblogz

Please welcome new RVbloggerz Nita and Navatar to the RVblogz free travel blog community!

It sounds like Nita And Navatar are off to a wonderful start on their new RV adventure. Read all about their first few days on the road, and help us give them a warm RVblogz welcome at their new full-time RVing travel journal …

IF Not Now… When?
Nita & Natavar on the Road

Here’s an interesting coincidence … one of their first few nights on the road was spent in Slab City, where we have been boondocking for the past month!

Perhaps our paths will cross again further down the road.

Follow the Life of Riley!

Please give a warm RVblogz welcome to Riley, a beautiful German Shepherd leading his people back to a life on the road. When it comes to these ex-fulltimers returning to the mobile lifestyle – as they wrote on their About page – Metallica may say it best …

“…my ties are severed clean, the less I have the more I gain, off the beaten path I reign, rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will” (-Metallica, Wherever I May Roam)

We can’t thank new RVblogz member bswitter enough for her kind words and look forward to following the Life of Riley. Please drop by e their blog to wish them the best of luck getting on the road again, and happy travels!