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How to optimize photo image files for web use to maximize free travel blog account file upload space quota.

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Use online photo sharing site to make the most of your free RVblogz account

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google sitemaps and seoRVblogz Supporter giddycowgirl recently asked, “How can I optimize my blog for seach engines?” We’ve added the following answer to the RVblogz Support FAQs:

All RVblogz automatically have xml sitemaps generated for them. These sitemaps are updated and submitted to Google every time a post is published.

In addition, keyword and description meta tags based on post or page content are dynamically generated to every post and page on every blog here at

But wait, there’s more! You can customize your title, keywords and description meta tags for any post or page on your blog. When creating a new post/page, or editing an existing one, simply scroll down and click the “All in One SEO Pack” header. There you will find the SEO options you need to make your blog more search engine friendly.

Alternatively, you can disable this SEO feature on a per post/page basis by checking the box indicated there.

If you have any questions about your RVblogz account, simply submit a Support ticket, and we’ll answer them in the FAQs. Not an RVblogz member yet? Sign up for your free travel blog account today, or take us for a test drive to see how fun and easy travel blogging can be!

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Considering RVblogz for a free travel blog account? Well, try it. You just might like it!

Kick the tires, look under the hood, and take RVblogz for a spin with our new Test Drive Blog! Simply log in using the following details, and you will have access to the same WordPress dashboard you’ll see when you sign up.

  • Username: Guest
  • Password: RVblogzTE5T!

Publish a post, edit comments, upload a photo, change the theme … see how easy it is to blog about your travels. Then, sign up for your own free travel blog!

Please Note: Username and password are case sensitive. Any posts, comments and media added to this sample blog may be deleted periodically and settings may be restored. If we experience excessive abuse from this test drive account, it will be closed to public access. Please use it, don’t abuse it!

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Send friends and family invitations to create their own free travel blog account for your RVblogz dashboard.

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tech support catAll RVbloggerz will now notice a helpful new feature in their blog dashboard. We have just launched a comprehensive Support System to help you make the most of your blog. Simply log in to your RVblogz account and click on the Support tab to the left to access our new FAQs and Support Tickets.

We have tried to answer the most common questions regarding RVblogz account management, blog settings, options, themes, and much more. If you see an issue that isn’t answered, just send us your question or submit a new support ticket.

Support Tickets are our new way of providing direct technical support for your blog account when needed. Tickets are not intended for how to tips, but rather to address any specific issues you may have with your blog. Submit a ticket if you believe something is broken or are having technical difficulties with your blog. You will be notified by email when when we respond to your support ticket. You can then click the link provided to see the ticket and respond if necessary. All assistance will provided within the RVblogz  Support Ticket system – not via email – for clarification and archiving purposes.

The new Support tab in your dashboard is just another step in our continuing efforts to make your travel blogging experience easy and fun. And it is not to be confused with the Supporter tab where you can upgrade your RVblogz account to increase your upload space quota and enable enhanced features.

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This 5 min. how-to video will help you get started using your RVblogz WordPress dashboard.

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