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Please welcome new RVbloggerz Nita and Navatar to the RVblogz free travel blog community!

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Please help us thank Motti and Patti for becoming our latest RVblogz Supporters! If you have not yet checked out their Motty and Patti TraveLiving Journey blog, you are missing out. They have just hit the road and are already writing about plenty of adventures.

And now that they have upgraded their blog to Supporter status, they have much more space to upload photos, added comment spam protection and access plugins for other enhanced features. Read all about Supporter RVblogz for complete details.

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Please give a warm welcome to the latest RVblogz community members and find out what they’re up to in the new What’s Next Gypsy? blog. Check out the homemade teardrop trailer they have … or had, rather … 😉

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Please give a warm RVblogz welcome to Riley, a beautiful German Shepherd leading his people back to a life on the road. When it comes to these ex-fulltimers returning to the mobile lifestyle – as they wrote on their About page – Metallica may say it best …

“…my ties are severed clean, the less I have the more I gain, off the beaten path I reign, rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will” (-Metallica, Wherever I May Roam)

We can’t thank new RVblogz member bswitter enough for her kind words and look forward to following the Life of Riley. Please drop by e their blog to wish them the best of luck getting on the road again, and happy travels!

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Use online photo sharing site to make the most of your free RVblogz account

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Considering RVblogz for a free travel blog account? Well, try it. You just might like it!

Kick the tires, look under the hood, and take RVblogz for a spin with our new Test Drive Blog! Simply log in using the following details, and you will have access to the same WordPress dashboard you’ll see when you sign up.

  • Username: Guest
  • Password: RVblogzTE5T!

Publish a post, edit comments, upload a photo, change the theme … see how easy it is to blog about your travels. Then, sign up for your own free travel blog!

Please Note: Username and password are case sensitive. Any posts, comments and media added to this sample blog may be deleted periodically and settings may be restored. If we experience excessive abuse from this test drive account, it will be closed to public access. Please use it, don’t abuse it!

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One of the biggest challenges to having a blog is battling the insane amount of comment spam. We’re doing our best to put an end to that here at!

RVbloggerz may have noticed the reCAPTCHA image verification plugin we recently installed which required commenters to enter validation words before posting comments. reCAPTCHA is an amazing project that is actually helping to digitize old texts from the internet archive by having words OCR can’t recognize deciphered by blog commenters. But some consider any captcha an inconvenience.

So, we’re trying a different method now. It’s transparent to your readers but fools spam-bots, so it should stop all automated spam comments. Please let us know if its working on your RVblogz.

What’s that you say? You haven’t signed up for your own free travel blog yet? Get your free travel blog today, and we’ll make sure you no spam gets through it … one way or another!

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We’re happy to announce our newest RVbloggerz … the kzcrazy clan! This young family has just ditched the stick house life and moved into a 43′ KZ Inferno. They’ve kicked off their adventures with a new blog at Drop on by and give them a big full-timer welcome!

Don’t have your free travel blog yet? Sign up for RVblogz today! It’s fast, fun, easy, and free.

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