RVblogz got an upgrade!

The RVblogz free travel blog community is now running along smoothly in style atop the latest version of Wordpress Multisite with all the best multi-user plugins and lots of new themes.

Big news from the cockpit here! The RVblogz free travel blog community is now running along smoothly in style atop the latest version of WordPress Multisite with all the best multi-user plugins and lots of new themes.

What does this mean to RVblogz members, Supporters and road warriors who want a cool free travel blog? Let’s see…

  • It’s easier than ever to start blogging about your travels!
  • RVblogz.com now delivers better performance with higher security.
  • More blog designs including premium layouts.
  • No more Grunions, but better spam protection with an better contact form.
  • And much more!

WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress Plugins, Themes and Support - WPMU DEVBloggerz may need to refresh their dashboard pages and should check their Plugins an Apperance tabs for new functionality. Reply with a comment or submit a Support Ticket from your RVblogz dashboard.

RVblogz Supporter Framework Updated

RVblogz Supporter framework has been updated so be sure to review your available plugins and activate available spam protection and more!

We recently upgraded the Supporter Blog framework running behind the scenes here, so all at RVblogz members should visit the Plugins tab in their dashboard to ensure the TypePad Anti-Spam plugin is activated. This will keep spam comments to a minimum on free travel blog accounts.

RVblogz Supporters should make sure the WP-SpamFree plugin is also activated for enhanced spam protection. WP SpamFree will also allow RVblogz Supporters to easily add a contact form to their blogs. Other premium plugins that may have been deactivated in the recent upgrade include Viper’s Video Quicktags for easy video embedding from numerous video sharing sites, Multiple Twitter Widgets, and much more. For complete details review our Supporter Blog feature comparison.

Not yet an RVblogz Supporter? Consider upgrading today to automatically remove ads from your blog and instantly increase your blog space quota to 1GB for uploading lots of photos! You’ll also gain access to the Premium Plugins available, and a Supporter Badge widget you can proudly display in your blog sidebar. Simply visit the Supporter tab in your dashboard more information.

The RVblogz Supporter Blog framework is made possible with the powerful Supporter mu-plugin from WPMU-Dev Premium.

WordPress MU Upgrade Complete

RVblogz WordPress Updated to MU for Security Bug Fix Release Update

We have just completed the maintenance upgrade of all RVblogz to WordPress MU Thank you for your patience!

This update addresses various administrative bugs and security fixes. If you experience any technical difficulties or unexpected anomalies, please report them using the technical support system using the Support tab in your blog dashboard.

This is not to be confused with the Supporter tab which allows members to upgrade their blog at any time, automatically removing the banner ads and enabling various enhanced features.

Invite your friends!

Send friends and family invitations to create their own free travel blog account for your RVblogz dashboard.

Invites is found under the User tab.RVbloggerz can now easily send invitations for friends and family to create their own free travel blog here. Under the Users tab in your RVblogz dashboard, just click on Invites to customize your invitation message and enter email addresses.

You can invite as many people as you like with one message. Simply separate email addresses by commas. Not a member yet? No problem. Sign up for your free travel blog now. Its fast and simple. Then invite all your road-tripping friends!

New Support System Online!

tech support catAll RVbloggerz will now notice a helpful new feature in their blog dashboard. We have just launched a comprehensive Support System to help you make the most of your blog. Simply log in to your RVblogz account and click on the Support tab to the left to access our new FAQs and Support Tickets.

We have tried to answer the most common questions regarding RVblogz account management, blog settings, options, themes, and much more. If you see an issue that isn’t answered, just send us your question or submit a new support ticket.

Support Tickets are our new way of providing direct technical support for your blog account when needed. Tickets are not intended for how to tips, but rather to address any specific issues you may have with your blog. Submit a ticket if you believe something is broken or are having technical difficulties with your blog. You will be notified by email when when we respond to your support ticket. You can then click the link provided to see the ticket and respond if necessary. All assistance will provided within the RVblogz  Support Ticket system – not via email – for clarification and archiving purposes.

The new Support tab in your dashboard is just another step in our continuing efforts to make your travel blogging experience easy and fun. And it is not to be confused with the Supporter tab where you can upgrade your RVblogz account to increase your upload space quota and enable enhanced features.

RVblogz adds tutorial videos!

Get your own free travel blog!To help new RVbloggerz get started with their travel blog – and to convince visitors that RVblogz is the best way to start blogging about their travels – we’ve just added a bunch of helpful tutorial videos.

Watch these short videos if you have any questions about how your free RVblogz account works! Stay tuned to the blog here for more videos about advanced topics.

RVblogz is now MU!

RVblogz.com offers free, fast, automatic travel blog creation.

We’ve just made it faster and easier than ever to start blogging with your own free travel blog account here at RVblogz.com!

RVblogz is now powered by WordPress MU, the robust multi-user version of the leading blog platform. We’re now running the same software that powers WordPress.com! What’s that mean to you?

Now you can automatically create your own blog account and start using it in minutes. No wait. No hassles. And best of all, it’s still free! If you need more space for your uploads and want to take advantage of other new features coming soon, simply become a supporter for a nominal fee. You will find more details in your dashboard once you log in.

Happy travels, and happy blogging!