Wondering About Workamping?

Learn about workamping and how to find the best workamper jobs.

Ever wondered what “workamping” is all about? Jim over at LiveWorkDream provides a good definition and describes some of his favorite workamping experiences in his recent post in the Team Agreda blog.

Workamp your way.

How to find the best workamping jobs and start a remote home based business so you can workamp where you want to.

Don’t Get Stranded Without Emergency RV Road Service!

Get Good Sam Emergency Road Service for RVers and don’t be stranded in need of help in your RV on some long road in the middle of nowhere.

While many snowbirds are heading home this time of year, most RVers are getting ready to hit the road. Don’t leave your home base without RV Emergency Road Service from the Good Sam Club!

Winter may be over but with Spring in full swing, weather and road conditions can be unstable and unpredictable. Storms, flash floods, and damaged roads can lead to unforeseeable breakdowns.

Good Sam RV Emergency Road Service (ERS) handles all types of vehicles and our RV service is unparalleled – there is no substitute for the right tools when you are in need of emergency roadside service and recreational vehicle towing. Good Sam dispatches only the best, most efficient and professional RV towing – motor home towing, fifth wheel towing, trailer towing, etc – and repair companies in the U.S. and Canada to ensure that your vehicles are handled properly and safely.

A few key benefits of the Good Sam ERS:

  • Flat Tire Service: If you have a blown tire while you are on the road, call Good Sam toll-free and they’ll have an experienced technician come to help change it with your spare. If you need a replacement tire we can contact our network of providers to help you locate a brand new tire.
  • Emergency Fuel and Fluid Service.
  • Protection in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands & Mexico.
  • $1,200 Trip Interruption Assistance: If your vehicle is disabled due to a collision with another driver when you are more than 100 miles away from home, Good Sam will reimburse you for the cost of your meals, rental car, and lodging.
  • Emergency Medical Referral Service: Good Sam can assist you with a personal or medical emergency associated with an accident or illness while you are on the road. We will find legal, medical, or dental help, replace prescriptions, plan for emergency cash, travel arrangements, pet care, and relay emergency messages.

RV Emergency Road Service

Good Sam Platinum Emergency Road Service incorporates all the Standard Benefits plus the following additional benefits:

  • Protection For Any Vehicle You Drive – all borrowed, rented and leased vehicles
  • RV Technical Assistance Hotline
  • Hotel & Motel Discounts at 5% to 20% off room rates!
  • Theft reward

If you’ve got the rig all packed, and are ready to hit the long lonesome road, consider getting RV Emergency Road Service from the Good Sam Club, before you need it!

Please Welcome the Old Salt

Welcome new RVblogz member oldsalt7421 and leave a comment on his new RV travel blog.

New RVblogger oldsalt7421 has started writing about a journey that has something to do with missle hazards in a fifth wheel! Drop by the newest RV Travel Blog and leave a comment to find out more.

Looking for an easy way to document your own RV adventures and share pictures with friends and family? Create your own RVblogz account in minutes!

How We Keep RVblogz Running

WPMU Dev Premium WordPress Multisite plugins, themes and support help make the RVblogz community and Tripawds blogs a couple of the best multi-user blog communities online!

RVblogz was first created as a testing ground for the  Tripawds Blogs community.

While we do have a growing number of RVers sharing their adventures with free travel blogs here, it is Jerry’s three legged dog blog network – with more than 2200 members and 550+ blogs – that has become one of the premiere WordPress Multisite networks.

Tripawds Three Legged Dog Blogs WordPress Multisite Network

In fact, Tripawds was recently added to the acclaimed WPMU Dev Showcase among some of the leading WordPress MultiSite communities online!

Best WordPress Multisite Plugins & Themes

So what exactly makes these network work? Simply said, it’s our WPMU Dev Premium subscription that enables us to offer such amazing functionality. Here’s a rundown of just a few of our favorite WPMU Dev plugins and themes that power RVblogz and the Tripawds community.

Admin Ads: We provide a row of dashboard “Quick Links” to many of our community’s most valuable resources using this simple plugin. It also allows us to notify bloggers of pending upgrades and other special announcements.

Anti-Splog: This ultimate spam blog plugin and service stops nearly all splogs from even being created in our WordPress Multisite network. If a splog does get created, no posts are visible to the community, and an easy interface allows us to moderate or delete them.

Avatars: Ths is how we allows users to upload ‘user avatars’ and ‘blog avatars’ which then appear in blog comments and blog / user listings throughout the network.

Invite: Allows all RVbloggerz to invite their friends and colleagues via email to check out their blog and register for an account.


Recent Comments: This widget lets us display a list of recent comments from all blogs throughout the community.

WPMU DEV - The WordPress ExpertsRecent Global Posts Widget: This widget shows recent posts from all RVblogz, with user avatars.

Sitemaps and SEO: Automatically generates and submit Google sitemaps for all blogs on this network

Supporter: Lets us easily offer paid RVblogz Supporter accounts with automatic upgrades including premium themes, premium plugins, extra storage space, the ability to instantly remove banner ads and more.

Terms Of Service: This plugin places the Terms of Service on the signup with an approval checkbox users must select in order to continue their registration.

The WordPress Popup Plugin: Allows us to display a simple ad directing new tripawds.com visitors to the valuable information in our first e-book, Three Legs and a Spare – a Canine Amputation Handbook.

Update Notifications: This keeps us automatically updated of any WPMU Dev plugin and theme updates for best security and functionality!

WPMU Nelo: The custom homepage CMS WordPress theme we customized to improve navigation and address site performance issues.

What’s next?

I often turn to the WPMU Dev support forums for quick answers whenever I need help tweaking things behind the scenes here. I have requested development of a couple things that might help us continue enhancing the Tripawds experience. For instance, I’d like to have a Map plugin that would automatically generate a map page with member locations based on profile data.

With all this that we already offer in mind, what other new features might Tripawds members like to see?

RVblogz got an upgrade!

The RVblogz free travel blog community is now running along smoothly in style atop the latest version of Wordpress Multisite with all the best multi-user plugins and lots of new themes.

Big news from the cockpit here! The RVblogz free travel blog community is now running along smoothly in style atop the latest version of WordPress Multisite with all the best multi-user plugins and lots of new themes.

What does this mean to RVblogz members, Supporters and road warriors who want a cool free travel blog? Let’s see…

  • It’s easier than ever to start blogging about your travels!
  • RVblogz.com now delivers better performance with higher security.
  • More blog designs including premium layouts.
  • No more Grunions, but better spam protection with an better contact form.
  • And much more!

WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress Plugins, Themes and Support - WPMU DEVBloggerz may need to refresh their dashboard pages and should check their Plugins an Apperance tabs for new functionality. Reply with a comment or submit a Support Ticket from your RVblogz dashboard.

Please Welcome the Head Artist

Please welcome new RVblogger headartist

Please help us give a warm RVblogz welcome to headartist – the newest RVblogger to join this growing diverse community of nomads, full-timers and travelers of all sorts.

Elizabeth is a talented artist who has embarked on a new life’s journey and we look forward to following her adventures. Check out her first blog post to learn about coracles and coyotes, and what on earth they have to do with RVing. While you’re there, be sure to follow the link in her blogroll to see her beautiful artwork, like this diptych depicting el Santuario de Chimayo…

Santuario de Chimayo by Elizabeth Falconer available from aartco.com

On the “small world” front, check out this post from the LiveWorkDream team detailing their recent return to visit with the Chimayo Chile Man.