We are building community here.

RVblogz announces new Communities and Privat Messaging features for members.

RVbloggerz will now notice two new features in their admin dashboard – Communities and Inbox.

Our new Communities feature allow RVblogz members to create a community with a message board, Wiki pages, and news items. In fact, multiple communities can be created. They can be public or private. Simply search for existing communities that may be of interest or start your own. Make it private if you only want members you approve to join. Or, make the community public and everyone can join the fun!

But wait, there’s more. The Inbox feature is our new RVblogz private messaging system. Simply enter any RVblogz user name and send them a message. It will immediately appear in their in box and they’ll be notified by email. Notification emails can also be turned off.

Just a couple new enhancements we’re proud to announce in our continuing efforts to build community here at RVblogz.com. Join the fun today!

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